Black Diamond

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Black diamond is an Indica strain cross from Diamond OG (Indica) and Blackberry (Hybrid). Originating from Northern California, this Indica is packed with trichomes covering the entire flower and is purple in color. The smell is a sweet berry type aroma, its a perfect smoke for users looking to relax and socialize with their friends or just by your lonesome.


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Black Diamond is a hybrid that is indica-dominant. It was created by cross-breeding Diamond OG and Blackberry strains. Many consider this to be a rare strain and is bred in Northern California. It is a popular medical marijuana variant because of its high CBD content. The strain, however, offers both sativa and indica effects which makes Black Diamond the perfect strain for smoking alone as well as with a group of friends.

Appearance & Aroma

Black Diamond is notable for its large flowers that are elongated with an almost cylindrical form. The buds are dense and solid much like other indica strains. The leaves are described as pale sage green. Some variants often have purple streaks as a result of a pigment called anthocyanins. When it is properly cured, Black Diamond exudes a rich aroma of berry due to its Blackberry lineage. It also has a dank and earthy smell on closer inspection. When burned, the smoke of a Black Diamond is smooth and indicative of its indica heritage. When exhaled, it leaves behind an oak and berry taste in the mouth.

THC Level

Black Diamond contains THC between 15% and 24%. With this much cannabinoid present in the strain, Black Diamond is ideal for producing sedative effects as well as a high that’s extremely relaxing while still allowing you to focus on your tasks or socializing with others.


The high produced by Black Diamond comes on rather quickly and makes limbs and core rather heavy. Smokers of this variant prefer to seek refuge in a comfortable surrounding once the high kicks in. Smokers also experience a more relaxed state and will notice that they breathe more deeply and easily. Its mental effects include amplified sounds and visual distortions. This type of vibe is great for watching movies or listening to great music. Black Diamond can also induce feelings of giddiness in smokers so giggling and laughing are quite common. Its most notable effect is its strong body stone which makes people unlikely to engage in any physical activities like exercise or cleaning the house. Because of this, Black Diamond is best enjoyed at night or right before bed when its relaxing and slow-burn effects can be appreciated even more.

Medical Use

Black Diamond is quite popular in the medical marijuana space. The strong sedative effect is perfect for people experiencing pain and aches, whether acute or chronic. Black Diamond’s mellow euphoria is also ideal for people who suffer from mild to moderate anxiety, stress, and depression. Lastly, Black Diamond is great for those suffering from insomnia. It can encourage a deep and restful sleep when taken right before bedtime.

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  1. Lori

    Lori (verified owner)

    Nice deep coloured buds, interesting nose. Good Indica stone way more than a lighter hybrid. Nice fresh buds